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Top 5 Things To Do in Goa - India

Goa is one of the smallest states of India which is visited by million guests every year. Coming here, you will be definitely attracted by the ambiance of unending lines of swaying palm trees, beautiful beaches and warm seas. The lifestyle and friendliness of local people here are also the interesting things to  the visitors who want to relax and have fun. Below is the top most 5 things you must do on your trip to Goa to enjoy your stay:

1. Hire a Bike or a Scooter

Although considered a small state,  Goa is amazingly spread out.The local buses are always crammed, the taxis & rickshaws charge a bomb ! The best way to go around Goa would be to hire a scooter, a bike or a chuaffer driven car which are available at all places. just ask your hotel reception and they will arrange it for you. If you can drive yourselves, just go anywhere in Goa without a thought .. you will be amazed at where you end up.

2. Discover the beaches

Goa has the finest beaches in India which you do not want to miss ! Whether you are in North or South Goa,go to the beach.Soak in the incredible warmth around you. The warm waters, the multitude of people swimming or just lazing around, the water sports activities & most of all the innumerable shacks where one can get a cool beer, exotic sea food or just snacks. Enjoy the water sports while bargaining for a good rate for a banana boat ride, a bump ride or a jet ski ride for 400bucks!

Goa is full of lovely beaches

Honeymoon on Goa beach

 3. Enjoy the sunsets

Sunset at Goa Beach, India
Sunset in Goa
As evening draws to a close, watch the spectacular sunset on the horizon at any of the beaches. The shack owners start folding their sunbeds & putting up their colourful lights. The crowd start their slow walk to their hotels and the sea gulls fly past heading to their abodes.
The view is mesmeric with myriad colours reflecting in the clouds with the soft lapping of the waves on the shore.Sitting at the front of a shack, looking out over the beach and sea, watching the sun sinking behind the waves... it couldn't really get any better! Add a meal and a drink, and you have the recipe for a perfect romantic evening.

4. Dudhsagar WaterFalls

Considered to be the 2nd largest waterfall in India. Not to be missed ! This is half a day's trip. First you need to reach Mollem via Ponda. once at Mollem, you need to hire a jeep or a 4 wheeler to go to the base of the waterfalls. This is a bumpy ride through shallow streams & rocks to reach the waterfalls.The waterfalls offer unrivalled beauty, and amazing scenery iike an idyllic Eden cradled luxuriously in the mountains. The waterfall initially appears like streams of milk flowing down the mountain which later culminate into gushing cascades after they come in full view of the awestruck visitors. It is not possible to visit the falls all year round as during the Monsoons, the path becomes very slippery and dangerous. There are lots of people visiting... Get here early to have a chance at a bit of quiet.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls at 2,000 feet high, are the highest falls in India. Dudhsagar means “sea of milk” and the name comes from the white foam created from the force of the water as it drops.
Guests playing below the waterfall

You will have the chance to see and feed the monkeys on your way. A little monkey taken on the trip to Dudhsagar WaterFalls.

 5. Pub Hopping - Fenny & Fun

Lounge Bars in GoaGoa is famous for fun, music, nightlife and the hangout for bollywood moguls, have beens and page 3 crowd.A standard signboard of any restaurant will state it as a " Bar &  Restaurant ". Every nook & corner in Goa has a bar & restaurant.
Most of the pubs & lounge bars, will have live music or a DJ most of the nights where partying starts by 8.00 in the evening and goes on till the early hours of next morning. The local drink " fenny " which is more like ' Ouzo or saki " is cheap with other booze, so most are in high spirits which makes it even more fun. Cheers! Viva Goa!

Feni drink is one of the most famous and populer drinks in Goa - India
Some Do's & Don'ts


i.   Bargain for everything ! especially when shopping for trinkets, clothes & Souvenirs. Quote 50% lower than asked for and then get the best deal

ii   Avoid the beach side "lamanis " - these are the hawkers who try to sell anything & everything by pestering the tourists

iii  Wear Cotton clothes but not skimpy clothing. Most single males who visit Goa from other states, tend to ogle or harrass females

iv   order sea food which is fresh & properly cooked. Goan cuisine is famous for its mouthwatering variety


i    If single female, Do not go out alone at night. Try to get some company
ii   Do not drink & swim. Quite a lot of beaches in Goa have undercurrents which could be dangerous

iii  Don't accept any drinks or foods from any strangers especially at night clubs or pubs. Goa is known for people spiking your drinks

iv   Don’t use, possess and trade drugs (hard or soft) as it is totally illegal in Goa.

v    Don’t swim in the monsoon season


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