Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Loving you....♥ ♥

Loving you is easy
I can do it in my sleep
I dream of you so often
It's like you never leave
_ Bright eyes _
(Source: via somebody-that-i-used-to-know )
Sometimes, no matter
how much faith we have,
we lose people.
But you never forget them.
And sometimes,
it's those memories
that give us the strength to go on.
Whenever we're apart
it feels like a part of me is missing...
and then I remember,
you have my heart ♥ ♥

People always think that the most painful thing is losing the one you love in your life.
The truth is...
The most painful things is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much.
Forgetting that
You are SPECIAL too!

I love you not because I need you,
But I need you because I love you.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diwali fetival in October and November in India

Diwali is a five day festival that represents the start of the Hindu New Year. It honors the victory of good over evil, and brightness over darkness. It also marks the start of winter. Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festivals. It is celebrated 20 days after Dussehra, on Amavasya - the 15th day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Ashwin (Aasho) in (Oct/ Nov) every year. This occasion is mentioned in the religious books as stating its origin, when Lord Rama returned to this kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.
The whole kingdom was lit up with divas (earthen lamps) to celebrate his return. To this day houses all over India glow with the twinkle of innumerable divas, candles and lights on Diwali day.

 Throughout the whole of India. However, the festival isn't widely celebrated in the state of Kerala, as it's not part of their culture. This is because Diwali has traditionally been a festival of wealth for merchants, and being a Communist-ruled state, the Hindus of Kerala have never freely engaged in trade.
One of the best places to experience Diwali is in the "pink city" of Jaipur, in Rajasthan. Each year there's a competition for the best decorated and most brilliantly lit up market. It's a dazzling display that attracts visitors from all over India.

Festival of Light  
Preaparing for Festival
 On the third day, lots of small clay lamps (called diyas) and candles are lit and placed in houses, and fireworks are let off everywhere, giving Diwali its name of “Festival of Lights”. People also clean and decorate their homes with Rangoli (Hindu folk art), buy new clothes, gamble, and give each other gifts and sweets during the festival.

The candlelight makes Diwali a very warm and atmospheric festival, and it's observed with much joy and happiness. However, be prepared for lots of loud noise from the fireworks and firecrackers going off. The air also becomes filled with smoke from the firecrackers, which can add to breathing difficulties.

It's a good idea to protect your hearing with ear plugs during Diwali, especially if your ears are sensitive. Some crackers are extremely loud, and sound more like explosions. The noise is very damaging to hearing.

Candles for Diwali